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Take A Break to Keep Your Mind Straight

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Are you one of those overachievers who are working constantly until you are exhausted, then get limited sleep at night?  Although we applaud the dedication to your responsibilities, taking a break once a while is a must in order to keep your mind sharp.  No matter long or short, resting is important for your brain to maintain its health and and boost your brain function.

Consider taking a nap during your lunch break.  Even a short 10 minutes nap can can perform just as well as those who took longer naps, while all of them outperformed those who didn’t take the nap.  There are also daily brain break that you can take.  Since we are creatures of habits, we tend to steer away from being stimulated and stick with routines.  But once in a while, you should still challenge yourself with brain games that can give your mind a workout, that way you can take a break from your routine and do something new to promote brain health.

There is nothing that beats the comfort of your own home, that is why more and more families are choosing in home care for their elderly loved ones.  A-1 Home Care in Studio City is the industry leading in home care agency that provides a wide variety of quality caregivers to serve the entire Los Angeles and Orange County.  We are proud to have expert caregivers in Alzheimer’s Care, Parkinson Care,  Incontinence Care, Arthritis Care, Heart Attack Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Cancer Care, and other elderly care services.  We have over 20 years of experience serving the cities of Studio City, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Glendale, West HollywoodMalibu, Sherman Oaks, and many more cities in the Los Angeles and Orange County.

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