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Those with Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer

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Cancer can struck anytime on anyone, but studies have shown that there are those who are in higher risk for certain cancer like prostate cancer than others.  Here are a four major factors you or your loved ones should be aware of according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  First is age.  The average age of diagnosis for prostate cancer is 69 years old in the United States.  Next is the race of the person.  Statistics have shown African Americans are more likely to develop prostate cancer than other race groups.  Conversely, Asian men have the lowest risks if they live in Asian, for those who have moved west to the United States, their risks have increased.  Family history is also an indicator for risks in prostate cancer.  If a father or brother has previously been diagnosed with the disease, and when such diagnosis were at an younger age, risks become higher for the individual.  Lastly, the geographical difference of groups also mean different risk levels.  As mentioned above Asian males who have migrated toward west have a higher risk than those who do not.  For example, those who live in China has a 2% chance of getting prostate cancer, whereas those living in the United States have a 17% of getting the disease.  Understand these risk factors can help with motivation with an open dialogue with the doctor and early screening.

A-1 Home Care in Studio City understands the difficulties cancer cast upon the patient and the individual’s family.  Our caregivers are compassionate and respectful, and all have prior work experience so you can have a peace of mind when searching for an in home caregiver.  We specialize in Cancer Care, Parkinson Care, Arthritis Care, Hospice Care, After Surgery Care, Post Stroke Care, Respite Care, and other Senior Home Care Services.  From Studio City to Sherman Oaks, Burbank, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills, no matter where you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, A-1 Home Care can provide the quality caregiver you are looking for.

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Home Care for Senior and Elderly in Studio City

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Cancer deaths are declining.  According to the annual statistics published by the American Cancer Society, cases of deaths caused by cancer dropped by 24% in men, 16% in women, and an overall 20% decline, which is about 1.2 live spared from the disease.  With improved early detection and treatments in prostate, colon, and breast cancer, a reduction of over 30% in deaths since 1991 is astounding.  While 40% drop in lung cancer deaths can be easily attribute to the reduction in smoking.  We have very bright minds around the world in the medical and science community, and if persistent, we will one day find the cure to cancer.

A-1 Home Care in Studio City offers quality caregivers with Cancer Care experience, they are compassionate and respectful to the individuals going through treatments, and are there to provide the best personalized care possible.  Our company is licensed, bonded, insured, and is rated with an A+ by the Better Business Bureau.  So if you have elderly loved ones living in Studio City, or nearby cities of Glendale, Hollywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Malibu, and other communities in Los Angeles and Orange County, don’t hesitate to contact us about our in home care services for senior and elderly.

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